Art Direction and Design of official websites for Miranda July and for her film Me and You and Everyone We Know

Art Direction, Graphics and Editing with Jalal Jemison for the Official Movie Trailer of Me and You and Everyone We Know 

Assistant Art Director for the film Me and You and Everyone We Know directed by Miranda July with Production Design by Aran Reo Mann

Producer and Art Director for Brother Boy a Short Film directed by Jalal Jemison.  Poster illustration by Wendy Ruth. 

Passing Out Heart Game is a video installation that I made in collaboration with Choreographer Tahni Holt that screened at Reed Art Week and PDX Fest in 2007.  You can read a review of the PDX Fest show here
Art Direction for the Joan Scheckel Filmmaking Labs website
Art Direction and Design for the website of Rachel Kushner's novel,Telex From Cuba.

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